Calling all nurses, technicians, echo cardiographers, and anesthesiologists working in fluoroscopy-guided procedure labs! You are the heroes that work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that every procedure runs smoothly, and that every patient gets the care they deserve. Yet, who/what is protecting you from scatter radiation exposure when participating in these procedures? Egg Medical has a solution to ensure your safety, as scatter radiation puts everyone in the room at risk—including you. Traditional attempts to shield from scatter radiation typically protect selective team members, leaving important healthcare personnel unprotected. At Egg Medical, we believe that all healthcare workers should be safeguarded, and we prioritize the safety of the entire team in procedure labs.

Why EggNest™?

Traditionally, standard shielding and “barrier” systems provide protection only to those positioned in specific locations relative to the c-arm, leaving other essential team members, such as echo cardiographers, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other technicians, vulnerable to the harmful effects of radiation exposure. We believe it’s time for a shift—a new perspective that puts the safety of every healthcare worker front and center. That’s why we have developed the EggNest™ System, an inclusive radiation protection system. Unlike “barrier” systems, which ultimately only protect certain staff, the EggNest™ takes a holistic approach to radiation protection. With EggNest™, the entire room receives 360-degree protection, shielding everyone from harmful radiation. While traditional “barrier” systems offer limited 90-degree protection, EggNest™ ensures that you are protected from harm from every angle.

  The benefits do not stop there. What sets EggNest™ apart is not only its encompassing safety features but also its seamless integration into the workflow. Its user-friendly design facilitates minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. With an easy setup, you can focus on what matters most—providing care to your patients without compromising your own health and safety. Moreover, the EggNest™ system requires a single disposable drape and includes a reusable EggPad™, eliminating the need for costly disposables. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but also a move toward a sustainable healthcare environment in reducing waste.

Furthermore, nursing is a field predominantly occupied by women, with approximately 86% of nurses in the United States being female. It is important to address the higher occupational risks of female healthcare workers in these procedure labs. Women are inherently more susceptible to orthopedic issues from lead and face a higher risk of radiation-induced cancer. Additionally, there are significant fetal risks associated with high radiation exposure during pregnancy. Read more about Greater Radiation Risks in Women on our EggBlog page.

EggNest™ represents a commitment to prioritizing safety for every healthcare worker, regardless of their role in the lab. It is vital to ensure everyone has necessary protection from radiation.

To nurses, technicians, and other healthcare heroes: it’s time to prioritize your safety by choosing EggNest™!

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