Our goal at Egg Medical is to reduce the scatter radiation exposure of physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians and others who use x-ray imaging to perform life-saving diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients. If you have suggestions for additions or improvements, please contact us here.

The EggNest XR™ was developed by two interventional cardiologists and an engineer. One of the interventionalists had practiced 30 years and knew several colleagues with hematologic radiation-related cancers from hospital exposures. The other interventionalist was early in his career and concerned about how much radiation exposure he was facing. He used extensive protection but found it cumbersome and difficult to work around.

The engineer helped develop a system that was effective and functional, blending into the workflow and protecting everyone in the room. They spent four years understanding scatter radiation patterns in the cath lab, developing new materials, and perfecting the design.

The result was the most comprehensive, practical radiation protection system ever developed for x-ray laboratories.

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The Egg Medical team, from left to right: Uma Valeti, John Gainor and Robert F. Wilson (CEO).

Egg Medical, Inc. is based in Arden Hills, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis and St. Paul at:

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